Free Stuff

2GB Film Grain & Burn Pack

Over 2GB of real 35mm + 16mm Film Grain & Burns scanned in 2k, custom Light Leaks, TV transmission noise and 5D Mark II Sensor Noise.
This collection is only available for our facebook fans!

35mm Film Grain


Real 35mm film grain (Kodak Vision 3 5213 filmstock) in super high quality 1080p @ 23.976 fps.
Simpy composite the grain over your footage by setting the blending mode to overlay and adjusting the opacity to something like 35%. You’re welcome.

Cinematic stock music


More than 50 minutes of cinematic orchestral music by Cedric Baravaglio, Jonathan M. Ochmann and Zdravko Djordjevic completely free of charge for non-commercial use.
If you want to use any of the music for commercial projects please consider purchasing a license ($ 55).

Aspect Ratio Templates

film aspect ratio scope acedemy anamorphic

Three common aspect ratios that you can simply apply to your 16:9 HD footage in any NLE / Compositing program.

  • Academy Flat 1.85
  • Anamorphic Scope 2.35
  • Anamorphic Scope 2.4

These templates have an integrated alpha channel (transparency) so no blending modes or keying is required. Pretty cool stuff.

31 thoughts on “Free Stuff

    • Hi! The 35mm film grain, the audio stock pack and the aspect ratio templates work for pretty much any NLE and compositing software including Sony Vegas. (For compositing the film grain over your footage simply set the tracks blending mode to overlay and adjust the opacity to 35%)
      Currently we are not offering Color Correction presets for Sony Vegas, but we can translate our AE presets to Vegas 3-Way color corrector for you if you’re interested. Just contact support and we’ll take care of it!

  1. Hi, If you’re working with a version of Premiere Pro prior to CS5 you should be able to simply copy the After Effects presets into the premiere presets folder. We don’t edit in premiere though so we don’t have the ability to create/transform presets for it.
    Very sorry.

  2. Pingback: Film grain and light leaks | Jonny Elwyn - Film Editor

    • Thanks Jonny. You don’t have to give us credit for any of our products. However since the Atmostra guys allowed us to share the link to their album on our site make sure to give them proper credit when you use their music in your videos. (all the info is on their site)
      Thank you!

    • In camera profiles for Nikon are unlikely at this point as they don’t allow for the kind of color control than the Canons. All of our upcoming post film emulations work beautifully with Nikon though!

    • What exactly do you mean? The film grain can be added to your footage in Premiere CC by changing the grain layer’s blending mode to overlay. Music should be self explanatory, the aspect ratio templates have an integrated alpha channel so you can just drop them into your timeline and the AE presets do not work with Premiere unless you use the dynamic link feature to create new AE compositions from your timelime assets and apply them directly inside of After Effects.

    • Yes it is. The grain may be used, changed and incorporated into your derivative work such as broadcast television, commercials, films, trailers and other finished works. However, the files may not be redistributed as part of stock footage, stock designs, templates or grain collections etc.

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