Cinematic Film Emulation LUTs

Hollywood color grading simplified. Take your color game to the next level - in applications you already know and use today.

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The largest and most advanced Film Emulation Library for Digital Cinema.

  Worlds largest LUT Library
  3-step Hollywood Grading System
  35mm negative and positive emulation

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Cinematic Looks - redefined with 3D LUT technology. Includes M31 LUT.

  For all major editors. Video and Photo.
  Instant Blockbuster Looks with any camera.

Load 3D LUTs in OFX-compatible applications. Highly accurate interpolation. Specifically developed to use LUTs in all versions of VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Edit & Movie Studio.
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  • Developed for VEGAS (12, 13)
  • Tetrahedral Interpolation
  • Robust OCIO processing
  • Open FX Plugin Standard
  • Instant download from Account.
2K Film Textures
16mm & 35mm Kdk Grain

More than 2GB of scanned film grain, light leaks and noise sample stock footage to spice up your videos. Apple ProRes™ HQ codec.


  • 35mm AC film grain 2K
  • 35mm PERF film grain 2K
  • Super 16 'clean' grain 2K
  • 16mm VNTG grain 2K
  • 3 Unique Film Burns 2K
  • 3 Light Leaks 1080p
  • TV Transmission Noise
Picture Styles
for Canon EOS DSLRs

VisionColor & VisionTech: Color optimization profiles for Canon EOS DSLRs. CineLook & CineTech: In-camera cinematic film emulation. Battle tested and loved by tens of thousands of filmmakers and photographers.

Included Profiles

  • VisionColor Optimization Profile
  • VisionTech - low contrast version of VisionColor
  • CineLook - In-Camera LOOK Profile
  • CineTech - low contrast version of CineLook

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