Deep Color remapping and emulation

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ImpulZ Film Emulations


Industry leading Film Emulation LUTs -
Create complex cinematic color in three easy steps using a revolutionary approach to color grading. Learn More


  • Cineon LOG Workflow compatible
  • Negative & Print Emulations
  • Kodak, Fuji | ECN-2 & C41 Processing
  • Support for tons of cameras*
  • Works in any application*
  • Includes 4K 35mm grain


Cinematic Film Emulation done right! Expertly processed and color graded film emulations for instant blockbuster looks. Learn More


  • Includes M31 Cinema LUT
  • Rec709 & LOG
  • Works for all cameras
  • and in any application*



Hollywood Bundle

All VisionColor LUTs in one epic bundle. Save big.


  • ImpulZ + OSIRIS (full versions)
  • Includes 4K 35mm grain

  Plugins & Stock

Tools that integrate into your workflow


Load 3D LUTs in OFX-compatible applications. Highly accurate interpolation. Specifically developed to use LUTs in all versions of VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Edit & Movie Studio.
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  • All Versions of VEGAS (12, 13, 14+)
  • Tetrahedral Interpolation
  • Robust OCIO processing
  • Open FX Plugin Standard
  • Instant download from Account.

Real Film Grain (2K)

More than 2GB of scanned film grain, light leaks and noise sample stock footage to spice up your videos. Apple ProRes™ HQ codec.


  • 35mm AC film grain 2K
  • 35mm PERF film grain 2K
  • Super 16 'clean' grain 2K
  • 16mm VNTG grain 2K
  • 3 Unique Film Burns 2K
  • 3 Light Leaks 1080p
  • Sensor Noise & TV Transmission Noise

  Camera Profiles

Gamma Enhanced and Subtractive Color Modeling Profiles

Picture Styles for Canon EOS

VisionColor & VisionTech: Color optimization profiles for Canon EOS DSLRs. CineLook & CineTech: In-camera cinematic film emulation. Battle tested and loved by tens of thousands of filmmakers and photographers.

Included Profiles

  • VisionColor Optimization Profile
  • VisionTech - low contrast version of VisionColor
  • CineLook - In-Camera LOOK Profile
  • CineTech - low contrast version of CineLook

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Accurate port of Blackmagic Design's BMDFilm Color Space and Gamma to Adobe Camera RAW.
Enabling LOG based workflows in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects,
Adobe Lightroom and other DCP compatible RAW Engines.

Supported Cameras

  • Canon DSLRs
  • Nikon DSLRs
  • Blackmagic Cameras
  • Digital Bolex, DJI Inspire 1