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ImpulZ - Requirements

Supported Software Applications
Supported Software

VisionColor LUTs are natively supported in the following applications and plugins.

Using LUTs in Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Using LUTs in Adobe Speedgrade
Adobe Speedgrade (Legacy)
Using LUTs in Affinity Photo
Affinity Photo
Use LUTs in Davinci Resolve
Davinci Resolve
Use LUTs in Vegas Pro
Vegas Pro 15+
LUTs for Final Cut Pro X
Color Finale for Final Cut Pro
LUTs Lattice Tutorial
Magic Bullet Looks - Red Giant
Magic Bullet Looks
ImpulZ™ is a library of color transform LUTs (3D Lookup Tables).
  • It is delivered in the open-source and widely supported .cube format.
  • The format can be easily converted any other format  to extend support.
  • ImpulZ .cube LUTs work natively in many applications, cameras, monitors and even game engines.

If you know how to apply LUTs go ahead and download this sample LUT file.  If it works in your application then ImpulZ™ will work too!

Download Test LUTIt's just a simple Contrast Enhancer