LUT Plugin | VEGAS


LUT Plugin | VEGAS

High End Color. For all versions of VEGAS.

With large format support for 1D and 3D color lookup tables this OFX Plugin has got you covered on your next project. It has been developed specifially for all versions of VEGAS (13 and up) with Perfect Color Consistency. We’ve made sure that above all else, the color processing is top-notch, no matter what you throw at it. Banding-free interpolation – from your monitor to the big screen.

Plug Vegas in to anything Color

LUTs open your editor up to any color transform imaginable.


This plugin is your gateway to advanced Film Emulations, technical LUTs or sekoia™ and it even lets you apply color corrections from Adobe Photoshop. All right inside Vegas. Oh boy!

  • VEGAS Pro 13, 14, 15 and up
  • Super accurate tetrahedral Interpolation
  • Two additional interpolation modes for Speed
  • 3DL, CUBE, MGA, HDL, CCC, CC, CSP, CUB formats
  • Use for personal and commercial projects.
  • Free Download

Just some of what is possible with LUTs. These videos have been graded with VisionColor ImpulZ™ and OSIRIS

Making Adjustments

By default, the LUT Plugin allows you to load lookup tables of various formats and sizes. In the advanced options you can change the default interpolation mode to increase playback performance. The deault tetrahedral interpolation is what you want to use for your final render but working with Linear or Nearest Neighbour interpolation will yield faster playback performance.

Adjusting LUT Strength (Amount):

Copy your Clip

Duplicate the clip you want to LUTify and put it on a track above the other copy. Both clips should be stacked on top of each other.

Apply the Plugin

On the top copy of the clip go to your FX and find the VisionColor LUT Plugin. Apply it and load any LUT of your choice.

Change Transparency

Now simply change the opacity (transparency) of the top copy of the clip. This neat little trick works for all other effects too. Have fun!