"Osiris are the nine must-have LUTs for cinematic color grading"

- Illusive Tech Review

Cinematic done right.

A collection of 9 high quality cinematic look LUTs that turn generic video footage into dazzling cinematic visuals with the click of a button.

The organic looks in this collection are based on analog film scans that have been photochemically processed and developed by industry professionals and scanned using state of the art technology. The scans have been converted to 3D LUTs using our proprieaty, pixel-perfect image matching system.

It just works.

OSIRIS™ is optimized for color spaces of all current generation cameras by offering fine-tuned Rec709 and LOG calibrations.

The native CUBE 3D LUT format guarantees cross-platform compatability with all editing and grading applications. OSIRIS™ also runs directly on many cameras, monitors and GPUs. This LUT collection is an essential tool for filmmakers, cinematographers and colorists who want to speed up their workflow and increase their production value with the organic quality of expertly color timed film stocks.

39 € / Full Version
  • 9 Cinematic Motion Picture Looks
  • Includes M31 Cinema LUT
  • Works for all cameras (709 & LOG)
  • Works in any application (3D LUTs)
  • Instant download & guided setup
  • One time payment - No recurring fees.
Hollywood Bundle
99 € 128 €
  • OSIRIS LUTs (Full Version)
  • ImpulZ™ Film Emulations - Compare
  • Massive bundle of 2000 LUTs!
  • Includes HD, 2K and 4K Film Grain
  • ImpulZ - True Hollywood Workflow
  • One time payment - No recurring fees.

OSIRIS LUTs have been used on over 20.000 film productions, music videos and commercials. Check out our Vimeo Channel for more!