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Including the original M31 Cinema LUT © by VisionColor
Cinematic done right.

The VisionColor OSIRIS LUTs are the perfect tools for any filmmaker who wants to take their work to the next level. These cinematic looks will turn generic video footage into dazzling cinematic visuals with just one click of a button. They're based on analog film scans that have been photochemically processed, developed and color graded by industry professionals. You'll be able to create stunning images and videos in no time at all.

LUTs that just work.

OSIRIS™ is optimized for color spaces of all current generation cameras by offering fine-tuned Rec709 and LOG calibrations. With these LUTs you’ll be able to create stunning images without having to spend hours grading your footage! And because they work with all major editing software, you can use them anywhere! It doesn’t matter what camera you shoot on either - these LUTs will make it look like it was shot using pro cinema cameras.

"VisionColor LUTs provide a top-notch baseline to work with, are great to use on set, and work better for drag-and-drop than any other LUTs we’ve used."

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Cinematic LUTs
  • 9 Cinematic Motion Picture Looks
  • Includes original M31 Cinema LUT™
  • Used on more than 30.000 productions
  • All LUTs available as Rec709 & LOG
  • For any camera and any application*
  • Instant download - simple setup.
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Hollywood LUT Bundle
Save 25% 139.98 €
  • OSIRIS LUTs (Full Version)
  • ImpulZ™ Film Emulations (Full Version)
  • All VisionColor LUTs in one epic bundle
  • Massive 3 GB library of 2000 LUTs
  • For any camera and any application*
  • Got Questions? We're here to help!
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OSIRIS LUTs have been used on over 40.000 film productions, music videos and commercials. Check out our Vimeo Channel for more!